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Foxtel Distribution Systems

Foxtel Distribution Southern Highlands

These Foxtel distribution systems are perfect if you want to watch Foxtel throughout your house in digital picture quality with the ability to change Foxtel channels at each TV.

How The Foxtel to Digital Picture Works

How it works is you take the output of a single Foxtel box and connect it into an Analogue to digital converter. These converters are available in both High Definition and Standard Definition Digital television outputs. The output of the Digital converters then fed into a special splitter which mixes the Digital Foxtel channel with your Digital Television channels and distributes it to all the tvs in your house.

How The Foxtel Remote System Works

The special splitter that allows the Foxtel and TV signals to mix also distributes the IR signals for the Foxtel remote control system. The Foxtel IR signals then received at the separate television's in your house by an IR target which gathers the remote signal and transfers it through your coaxial system back to the Foxtel box. 

Foxtel Distribution Systems Installation and Repair servicing Bowral, Mittagong, and Moss Vale

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