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Home Theatre Systems

Home Theatre Systems Southern Highlands

To understand how to make a good home theatre system, we need to first understand the technology behind it. The technology that drives home theatre is Dolby Surround Sound. How it works starts with the movie makers. During the creation of movie sound configuration, the tracks of audio for certain effects are recorded separately with the final reproduced affect on your home theatre system in mind. In other words, the finished film on a DVD or Picture Theatre reel has 5.1 or 7.1 different Audio tracks encoded into it. There is a track that is for your Left surround speaker and a track for your right front speaker that's why when a jet flies across the screen in a movie the sound transfers from the front left to the right rear speaker to give you the cinema goer the effect of a jet flying over your head. If your home theatre systems not configured correctly, the jet doesn't know where it is, and you will be confused. We can inform you of the best way to set up your home theatre. Different room design, speaker placement and amplifier configuration are necessary for that perfect effect.

Home Theatre Systems Installation and Repair servicing Bowral, Mittagong, and Moss Vale

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