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MATV Systems

MATV Systems Supply and Installation Southern Highlands

Master antenna television systems involve the design and installation of multiple TV outlets installed off one TV aerial. These installations are usually for Motels, Hotels, Hospitals and Units within a complex. MATV systems involve careful design considerations to ensure everyone on the system receives the same quality picture. To ensure this requires a balancing act of attenuation and amplification depending on a particular TV outlets location concerning the antennas position. Example: if a unit in motels located as the first point from the MATV aerial it will be taped with an attenuator so the signal isn't too high which will overload the TV's digital tuner. If a units located at the furthest point from the MATV aerial, it will have no attenuation as the system cable and splitting before it has removed the oversupply of signal strength. Successful MATV Installation is a balancing design

MATV System Installation and Repair servicing Bowral, Mittagong, and Moss Vale

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