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Security Services

Security Services Bowral Southern Highlands

Bosch Home Alarm System Products

We are supplying and installing different types of Bosch Home System products, which include all the peripheral devices. These devices can serve as the cornerstone of Home invasion protection as well as protection of properties. The alarm system products of Bosch are well-known for their reliability, convenience and performances. The alarms have a 3-year warranty from the manufacturers. Our packages start from $860 and complete parts, cabling, as well as the installation of the devices, are included.

NESS Wireless Home Alarm Systems

The NESS Security is offering a wide range of exclusive Wireless Home Alarm System products. The Security Guard III is one of the best ranges and considered as an award winning alarm system. This system does not require any kind of cables. It only needs to be charged once every four months. This alarm system option is a practical option for the customers who do not have uninterrupted power. The system also lets you know its current state, and it has a built-in GSM dialer, which can immediately send alarm messages to two mobile phone devices. This device can be dialed to enable a two-way conversation with anyone who has triggered the alarm system. Our NESS Wireless alarm kits start from $695 with complete supply of the parts as well as installation.

Hills Home Security Systems

Hills Security systems are highly advanced types of technology. The systems are providing technologically advanced in-house security features. They are supplying an LCD touch screen keypad or “the Touch Nav”, which is considered as the revolutionised home security because of its unique style and ease of usage. A Voice Key Pad or “the Voice Nav” is also provided, which explains the current state of the alarm system. Hills Security systems also have an interface with the Kocom Intercoms, which is accessible through the installation of Hills Com Nav that enables the features of remote home automation. The packages start from $860, which includes the supply of complete parts and the installation.

Hills Wireless Home Security Systems

Hills Security Systems also offer wireless home alarm systems. The benefits of wired security systems are also provided with the wireless system. The ITI wireless system supplies all the security devices required in supporting the high-level security of home. There is also a remote control that can operate the garage doors and the alarm system. The Hill Wireless home security system packages start from $1,288 including the supply of the parts and the installation.

NESS Home Alarm Systems

The NESS Security is manufacturing electronic security products in Australia for more than 40 years. NESS has been accredited by ISO9001/2000 Quality Standard since 1992.  The security systems provide advanced features, including an LCD touch screen that offers superior performance to the operator. The security alarms support offsite control as well through the use of NESS iPhone and Android applications. Ness Home Security alarm kits start from $860 and include supply of complete parts and installation.

Risco Video Verification Systems

Risco Video Verification System supplies complete range of Risco Video Verification products. The security verification products have the highest quality and are manufactured in Israel. The verification systems provide advanced technology, which includes detectors with cameras. The sensor immediately detects any movements of any intruder, and the built-in camera takes series of snapshot pictures of the thieves. The pictures will be sent to your phone via iRisco app. Risco also supplies both indoor and outdoor high definition live streaming cameras, which can be connected with the alarm systems to provide better functions.

Bosch Home Security Camera Systems

Bosch offers simplified Home Security Surveillance Camera packages that are designed especially for residential conditions. Bosch Digital Video Recorders allows you to connect to your local broadband network to enable remote viewing of the house through iPhone as well as Android apps. Bosch Camera System packages start from $1,599, including the supply of the parts and the installation.

Bosch Wireless Security Cameras

Our Bosch Wireless Surveillance Cameras are designed specifically to connect to a home’s WiFi network. The cameras have an SD card slot for allocation of memory, which enables its local recording. The cameras are connected to the local power, and the cables are needed for the operation. Bosch’s WiFi CCTV Camera systems are available for High-definition as well as standard definition.

NESS Home Security Camera Systems

A range of Home CCTV Surveillance Kits is offered by NESS Security. The systems are suitable for any circumstances as well as the budget. NESS Security is supplying three levels of packaged kits. The first package has Analogue Cameras and Digital Video Recorders. The second package kits contain High Definition cameras and DVR’s that can operate through a coaxial cable. The third package kits are the most advanced, with IP-based HD cameras and NVR. The packages start from $1,340 including the supply for the parts and installation.

NESS Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless Camera system is offered by NESS Security. The camera design is suitable for residential homes. It can connect to a home’s WiFi network and needs a cable for power. The other wireless system products are all designed to connect to a camera, DVR and NVR for the storage of footage. The cost of NESS wireless camera kit is $690.

Pacom CCTV Surveillance Systems

Pacom supplies a range of CCTV Surveillance systems that involves both High Definition cameras and analogue. They are supplying high-end IP network camera systems, which include DVTEL as well as Pelco.  Both of the brands have cameras with network storage and PTZ control. The Pacom package kits start from $1,750, including the supply of complete parts and the installation of the system.

Kocom Home Intercom Systems

Kocom supplies high-quality Intercom Systems that are offered with reasonable prices. Kocom intercoms are designed and manufactured specifically for residential security markets. Most of the project homes are supplied with an installation of Kocom Intercom. The top model of Kocom has CCTV system features and integrates with Hills Security Systems by a Com Nav. Kocom intercom package kit starts from $690, including the parts supply, cabling, and installation of the system.

NESS Home Security Intercom Systems

Ness Home Intercom Systems have both Standard Intercom system types and Internet Protocol. The IP intercom models have off-site control and can answer calls using iPhone or Android apps. There are two different door stations available. The first one looks like a standard intercom and the second one looks like a smartphone. The IP Room monitor has a high-level functionality with LCD touch screen that allows browsing of the internet. The standard intercom system has given modules for the coordination of in-house audio. Home automation functionality is making NESS intercom systems superior when it comes to technological security. The intercom packages start from $820 including the full supply of parts and the installation.

Aiphone Home Intercom Systems

Aiphone Intercom systems are well-known for making high-quality products that have superior functionality and visibility. Aiphone intercom systems have both video and audio intercoms. They are supplying both 1 to 1 systems and advanced multiroom systems. Aiphone Intercom package kit starts from $680 including the equipment supply and installation.

Security Alarms and Camera Maintenance Repair Service

Provide your home alarm system with a regular maintenance. You can call us to improve your home security and reduce the risks of your alarm system from shutting down for no reason in the middle of the night or while you are away from home. Alarm systems may experience system conditions that can cause false alarms and need regular servicing and maintenance to keep the accurate operations.

It is also important to have regular maintenance of CCTV Camera systems. Keeping your security camera systems regularly serviced can ensure the provision of snapshot photos of the incident. It would be a horrible situation to have no records of the break in because the video system had an error without you noticing.

Monitoring Alarms and Cameras

We are supplying all forms of alarm monitoring systems. There are many ways to set up the alarm system for monitoring. These systems have an exclusive anti-tampering feature to have an unfailing backup monitoring.


A thief cuts the copper phone line and disabled your alarm monitoring. However, the alarm has a backup GMS dialer installed, which reports the alarm when the intruder breaks in.

If you have a copper phone at home, this can be connected to any of the alarm systems we supply. This connection also involves the configuration of your home phone system three-alarm panel connection mode. This allows self-monitoring via SMS or domestic dialing when the alarm panel caters for it.

Another form of surveillance is the GSM dialer. There is a monitor system that requires a mobile phone sim card and installed in a GSM dialing device that is integrated and programmed to the alarm system.

GPRS monitoring is another form. This involves a similar device as the GSM, but it has a higher level of security that is connected to a 24/7 security control room.

The other form involves the NBN. The alarm panel manufacturers have produced interface modules to enable the cutover of existing alarm panels to the NBN while the copper network is off.

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