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Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems Moss Vale Southern Highlands

Bosch – Alarm System Kits and Wireless Alarm Kits

Bosch Security System offers a variety of unique and powerful alarm system kits that is suitable for both residential and commercial security requirements. Bosch features Home Security Alarms, which are proven to be very reliable and has a long history of superior dependability. Bosch ensures that every security alarm system design can effectively secure your property and family with more emphasis on home invasion protection capabilities. The people behind the Bosch alarm system placed more effort on research and development to create alarm detection equipment that is highly regarded by alarm installers and security experts. The Bosch 6000 GSM/GPRS features text message self-monitoring alarm system control using a smartphone app. The self-monitoring modules developed by Bosch are unique and innovative. It can be found in their new Bosch 2000 and 3000 alarm system kits, which include modules that have smartphone app control over residential and business broadband network. Their wireless equipment's hard to hack because of its reliable encryption protocol that ensures maximum security. For their wireless system, Bosch offers a secure two-way communication system between the wireless receiver and the wireless alarms devices. The Bosch wireless gears possess exceptional range qualities and fantastic false alarms reliability, which makes them superior and unique. The price for the Bosch Alarm System starts at $860 while the Bosch Wireless Alarms kits cost from $1075.

Hills – Alarm System Kits and Wireless Alarm System Kits

Hills Security System offers a broad range of high quality and cutting-edge alarm systems. One of their innovations is the ComNav, which is a monitored alarm system module that provides reliable monitoring of your alarm system. This new ComNav is perfectly suitable for all Hills Reliance Alarms system. It provides alarm system self-monitoring by text messaging, domestic dialing and email reporting, depending on your home or business communication network. ComNav also features off-site control through the smartphone app called xConnect. This app provides easy remote monitoring of your Hills alarm system and it is ideal, for self-monitoring. Hills have also developed a much better interface between the alarms operator and the alarm system by creating two excellent keypads. The TouchNav, an LCD touchscreen display, features superior alarm code pads and eliminates the need for a user manual. The VoiceNav features a voice that communicates directly with the alarm operator and tells you the status of your alarm system. Hills Alarm System has a starting price of $860 while the Hills Wireless Alarm Kit is priced at $1288.

NESS – Alarm System Kits and Wireless Alarm Kits

The NESS Alarm System is a leading Australian company that has been producing reliable and high-quality security system products since 1972. Their alarm systems are known for being innovative, unique and technologically superior with a very affordable price. One of their most reliable products is the NESS Security Guard III Wireless Alarms System, which is entirely a wireless system with built-in GSM dialer for self-monitoring through text messages. NESS has also produced a wireless keypad that is available for all NESS wireless alarm systems. Another cutting edge product introduced by NESS is the Navigator, which is a D8x and D16x alarm system with stylish LCD touch screen code pad available. NESS features their broadband network interface module that allows remote control through smartphone app with a user-friendly alarm control interface. One of the best security functions being offered by NESS is their Access Control System for the D8x and D16x, which provides comprehensive security at a much lower price. NESS alarm systems start at $860 while their wireless alarm systems start at $695 installed.

Alarm Equipment Parts Supplied and Installed

Reed Switches Installed For Perimeter Protection

We have a complete range of Perimeter Reed switches designed for all kinds of installation requirements. Instaling reed switches on your windows and doors ensure full security and enhance your first line of defence against intrusions. Burglars will face difficulty in overcoming different security technologies to access your property.  Perimeter Reed provides added advantage in protecting your home or business establishment from unauthorised intrusion or invasion.

Alarm Movement Sensors Installation and Repairs

We have different types of alarm movement sensors that can mount on walls and ceilings. We can provide Movement Detectors, which specialise in specific installation requirements. These detectors and sensors feature unique coverage patterns that are capable of covering areas up to 91 metres and is specially designed for warehouse installation. We have a broad range of movement parts constructed for any site requirement.

PE Beams for Outside Movement Detection

Customers ask me all the time if I have Outside Movement Detectors. However, I stopped supplying them because, every time I install them, it only causes a false alarm. My preferred outdoor movement detection device is PE Beams. We have a comprehensive range of PE Beams that cater for distances of up to 200m. Even if you are not interested in purchasing one of these beams, I would still recommend that you consider PE beams only for exterior perimeter protection.

Miscellaneous Alarm Parts Installed

We have different types of detection devices that include the Glass Break device, which detects high frequencies resulting from breaking glasses. Other methods include Panic or duress alarm input parts for wall or desk mounting and smoke alarm detectors. Our smoke detectors are compliant with Australian standards and features alarm panel connection capabilities for off-site control room and self-monitoring.

Siren Outputs and Strobe Light Alarm Devices

We can provide you with a range of alarm output devices such as NESS, Bosch and Hills reliance outdoor siren strobe kits. We also have internal screamers and interior strobes. For our internal screamers, we have both flush mount and recessed models. For our internal strobes, it has a holder for visual verification of duress or automation alarm zone trigger. We also sell unique products such as the outdoor satellite siren and strobe with an onboard battery backup in case the intruder tampers the satellite siren. The NESS Quantum Sonic is another unique product we are selling, which is a passive infrared movement detector with an onboard screamer to provide instant high volume siren when the alarm system sensors change and movement is, detected.

Batteries and Power Supplies Installation

We have an extensive range of alarm power supplies and batteries for sale. We have power supplies, which has supply current outputs that are suitable for both small to a large commercial establishment and home security installation requirement with multiple safety devices.

Alarm System Cable Supply and Installation

We have both pre-made wire looms with the attached security connectors and rolls of cables ready to be installed for all our Alarm Cables. We provide light and heavy duty types of cables ready to be cut to length. We also have different types of cables that cater to unique installation requirements for alarm systems.

Alarm System Design, Monitored Alarm Smartphone App and Alarm Monitoring Option

There are so many types of alarm monitoring system, which can become confusing for the average person who is not very familiar with this technology. There are alarm systems that only work for a particular communication service. Most often, it will depend on your situation as to what type of alarm system is best suited for you. This website may help you understand the technical jargons by presenting helpful information about different monitoring types. Hopefully, this will provide enough detailed information for you to decide what kind of self-monitoring system is suited for your security needs.

We also provide some useful Alarm Tips and Tricks to help you figure out the best alarm peripherals that you need before buying an alarm system kit. You may want to check our Pet Immune Detectors to give you great ideas if you plan to arm your property with a pet inside.

It would also be beneficial for you if you read about the different types of detectors. Keep in mind that installing an incorrect sensor type in a location with a specific environmental requirement can cause false alarms. This type of issue is very important when you are considering self-monitoring. False alarms can cause many major problems for you or the individual monitoring the signal.

Another important thing to consider in the design process is to figure out the most suitable alarm system for your home or building construction. For example, one situation that I always encounter is when I install a monitored alarm in a home where the broadband router is located downstairs in the kitchen while the alarm panels are upstairs. It will result in having a communication cable run between the two devices.

Many people will never understand that this can involve two holes being cut in the ground floor ceiling every meter from the outside wall to the location of the telephone points. There has to be thoughtful consideration of the construction needs of the properties when purchasing the most suitable alarm system.

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