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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Southern Highlands

There are so many types of alarm monitoring system, which can become confusing for the average person who is not very familiar with this technology. There are alarm systems that only work for a specific communication service. Most often, it will depend on your situation as to what type of alarm system is best suited for you. This website may help you understand the technical jargons by presenting helpful information about different monitoring types. Hopefully, this will provide enough detailed information for you to decide what type of self-monitoring system is suited for your security needs.

We also provide some useful Alarm Tips and Tricks to help you figure out the best alarm peripherals that you need before buying an alarm system kit. You may want to check our Pet Immune Detectors to give you great ideas if you plan to arm your property with a pet inside.

It would also be beneficial for you if you read about the different types of detectors. Keep in mind that installing an incorrect sensor type in a location with a specific environmental requirement can cause false alarms. This type of issue is very important when you are considering self-monitoring. False alarms can cause many major problems for you or the individual monitoring the signal.

Another important thing to consider in the design process is to figure out the most suitable alarm system for your home or building construction. For example, one situation that I always encounter is when I install a monitored alarm in a home where the broadband router is located downstairs in the kitchen while the alarm panels are upstairs. It will result in having a communication cable run between the two devices.

Many people will never understand that this can involve two holes being cut in the ground floor ceiling every meter from the outside wall to the location of the telephone points. There has to be thoughtful consideration of the construction needs of the properties when purchasing the most suitable alarm system.

Alarm System Monitoring via Phone Line Connection  

Phone line Alarm system monitoring entails connecting the alarm panel to the copper PSTN phone line of your house.  It requires installing a looped phone line to the alarm panel to give way to mode three monitored connections.  Mode 3 connection grants permission to your installed alarm system to cut the phone line when something triggers an alarm.  This is a normal occurrence to ensure the successful transmission of the monitored alarm.  If you have an installed broadband internet in your house via a phone line, it is of utmost importance to install a Central Filter.

Alarm System Monitoring via GSM Mobile Phone Dialler

The GSM Mobile Phone dialler is a specially designed mobile phone that is created for the purpose of establishing a connection to the alarm panel of your house.  The connected GSM monitor bears the same alarm functionality that copper PSTN phone line provides.  The GSM dialler is your most cost-effective alternative if you wish to monitor the security system of your house.  

Alarm System Monitoring Using Hills Reliance ComNav   

The Hills Reliance ComNav gives you the freedom to remotely monitor and control your Hills Home Alarm System and/or Kocom Intercom System with the help of an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

NESS IP232 Ethernet to Serial Bridge Smart Phone Alarm Monitoring

The NESS IP232 Ethernet to Serial Bridge is specifically created for NESS Alarm Systems.  It gives you the ability to remotely monitor and control your NESS D8x and/or D16x Home Alarm Systems.  The IP232 can accommodate offsite functionality via its own Android or iPhone app.

Bosch PSTN to IP Converter Module for NBN Monitoring

The Bosch IP Convertor is specially designed for the NBN cutover of existing Bosch Alarm Systems.  The IP converter must be installed to the existing Bosch panels at the cutover to give your home an uninterrupted alarm monitoring even if the existing Telstra copper phone line network has been shutdown.

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