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Hills Alarms

Hills Alarms Southern Highlands

Hills Wired Alarms

Hills have excelled when it comes to keypads and monitoring options concerning their alarm equipment. They have developed a touch screen keypad the TouchNav an excellent keypad that provides both a stylish and comfortably functional interface with the end user in mind. The VoiceNav both stylish and easily usable as the code pad relays statuses to the user by voice and the ComNav an excellent self-monitoring option that we provide more information on Hills monitoring options further down the page. 

Hills R4 Alarm System

The Hills R4 designed for small homes and business supplies 4 zones capacity, home area arming for perimeter protection. All Hills wired and wireless peripherals apply to this panel. 

Hills R8 Alarm System

The Hills R8 designed for small to average homes and business supplies 8 zones capacity, home area arming for perimeter protection. All Hills wired and wireless peripherals apply to this panel. 

Hills R12 Alarm System

The Hills R12 designed for average homes and business supplies 12 zones capacity, home area arming for perimeter protection. All Hills wired and wireless peripherals apply to this panel. 

Hills R128 Alarm System

The Hills R128 designed for large firms and homes. The R128 has 16 onboard zones but can expand to 128 zones. All Hills wired and wireless peripherals apply to this panel.  

Hills Wireless Alarms

Hills Supply a remote control receiver that suits all their alarm panels. The wireless remote kit provides alarm control and two relay outputs that can be connected to garage doors etc. for home automation functionality. The sturdy remotes at  $35 each provide one of the best priced and functional qualities for this type of service. Hills don't have a wireless system for the reliance panel range. They use third party brands that are designed to integrate with the Hills Reliance system. I have found these methods to be too expensive for the average customer so I don't usually install them.

Hills Alarms Monitoring Options

All of Hills alarms have an onboard PSTN dialer by default which allows monitoring through a standard phone line. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the NBN network across Australia, these copper networks are going to be removed and our phone systems will become virtual or VOIP. When this changeover occurs all existing and new alarm panels will have to connect to a particular NBN service that provides the PSTN phone line as an extra. From early reports I have found that it's not easy to attain an NBN service with PSTN connection and it's better to negotiate with your NBN provider before you sign up, as not all providers even have the service. For this reason, Hills have developed a specialist self-monitoring communication module specifically designed for multiple monitoring options dependent on your communication service. Especially if you're on the NBN, the ComNav can be connected through the NBN router and configured to send emails of alarms to 3 email addresses for free. There is also an excellent smartphone app ExConnect for alarm control and remote assessment. The app also provides some home automation due to the ComNav module containing two onboard relays.

Hills Alarm Repair Service

If you have an existing Hills alarm that is causing issues with keypad beeps or false alarms and you feel like replacing it with a new one. Please consider our fixed price Hills alarm repair service before you make the decision. Even ancient Hills alarms have been made with quality manufacturing practices and are robust. Faults are usually due to devices and connections connected to the system, not the actual keypad and alarm control panel. Our fixed price Bosch alarm service costs $180 plus parts which include part replacement labour and multiple service calls to correct the issue if required.  The Hills service applies to all suburbs of Sydney, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands. 

 Hills Alarms Installation and repair servicing Bowral, Mittagong, and Moss Vale

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