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Camera Systems

Camera Systems Southern Highlands

Bosch Security Camera System Kits for Residential and Business Monitoring

For residential and commercial security scenarios, Bosch Security System is offering their comprehensive range of 960H Video Cameras and Digital Video Recorder systems. Bosch DVR recorders can provide real time playback and recording with network capabilities that enables self-monitoring, to remote view the cameras through a smartphone app using your broadband network. Bosch 960H Video Cameras brings high resolution videos, which are much better than any analog CCTV. The Bosch Cameras we are selling has different ranges of abilities suitable for many surveillance requirements. Some of these models have lens types that allow you to monitor up to 90 meters and zoom in for facial recognition on an entry point. There are also infrared cameras that provide night vision up to 90 meters. Our Bosch Security Cameras are priced at only $1599.

Hikvision CCTV Systems, HD Network IP Cameras, TVI AHD Camera Systems

Hikvision Security Systems can provide you with the most comprehensive range of Camera System technologies. They have analogogue HD camera systems at Full HD 1080P at 2 mega pixels, which are much cheaper but still provide a perfect picture and very reliable. These systems are perfect for upgrading your existing analog CCTV system, the best choice is the HD-TVI Camera System because there won’t be any need to replace the CCTV cabling and it can save you thousands of dollars in installation cost.They also have High Definition IP systems that are truly premium and top-of-the-line products. If you want true 1080P video pictures at 4, 6, 8 mega pixel, you can check out there IP cameras and network video recorders, which offer better video performance. When it comes to the Hikvision High Definition Network IP Camera System, it features true plug and play and utilizes data cabling. The HD-IP Network Digital Recorder provides electronic IP addresses and configuration to the cameras every time you plug them in. The Hikvision HD CCTV system is a high end, top quality HD system that offers superior functionality at a great price. All the Hikvision Security Camera Systems comes with a remote camera self-monitoring capability using broadband network interface. Our Hikvision Camera Systems start priced from $1599

Hills Camera Systems

Security Camera System Design and Camera Systems Remote View Self-Monitoring

When it comes to Security Camera Systems, there is one main objective that applies to all installed and configured cameras. This is what I call the Money Shot. Being a CCTV system designer and installer, I have to be able to study and assess a home or business establishment and pick out the best locations where I can set up my cameras for the money shot.

Those cameras that are already installed and configured to monitor vast areas should be able to inform the person monitoring the property, of what exactly happened if there is an incident. However, the footages may not produce clear images or pictures to help you catch the intruder.

If the camera is installed properly and it can zoom in on a focal point, it is more likely to provide clearer facial recognition that will help the police track down the perpetrator.

Some of the Camera System Tips and Tricks that may be helpful to attain that money shot include:

·         Learning picture quality difference between different CCTV video resolution systems

·         Learn the best height requirement for camera installations

·         Ensure that your chosen system supports real-time playback

·         Learn more about infrared night vision

·         Learn more about camera lens types

·         Learn more about the remote viewing of cameras

·         Find out more about the power supply of cameras

·         Types of cabling for different cameras

·         The footage storage space for a camera system

These are some of the points that needs to be considered when designing the camera system and getting that money shot.


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